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The richie clutched the ticket that had mysteriously been delivered to his Toorak mansion three days ago.

The ticket promised riches and power. He had heaps, but wanted more.

The carnival grounds that he approached looked unused, abandoned; the sort of place that he would NEVER be seen dead in normally. His greed drove him on.

He approached the House of Mirrors. The building was dark, lit only by the meager light from the moon.

The light was just enough to show him the way.

The mirrors threw strange, warped views of reality; perhaps reflecting his soul.

A door at the end beckoned, a disheveled shape stepped out from the shadows.

"Welcome, sir, to the Dark Carnival," the dessicated voice said, "please step through here to find all you're looking for and more ..."

The richie shied away from the horrid form before him and moved through the door.

As the door closed, the screams started ...

The figure in the corridor stood up, his laughter uncontrolled; the moon highlighted the clown make-up ...

The Juggalos have arrived in the Great Southern Land ....